Our Vision

We are IT professionals who support genuine universal suffrage in Hong Kong. We hope that Hong Kong can develop into a democratic, liberal, open society with equal opportunities and prosperity.

Our Stance

  • We object to the reelection of CY Leung.
  • We object to the existing method of selecting the Chief Executive, via a small circle election by 1200 election committee members.
  • We object to the 831 resolution from Beijing imposing pre-nomination screening.
  • We are participating in this ITEC election not because we endorse the existing undemocratic and unfair electoral system, but because we cannot sit back and watch the deterioration of Hong Kong’s core values, its governance and social cohesion, under a divisive administration led by a Chief Executive who was not elected via genuine universal suffrage.

Our Action

We are seeking your support for our campaign for Hong Kong’s democratisation. We will team up with fellow democrats and other like minded members in the Election Committee, in a united front to implement universal suffrage in  Hong Kong

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