IT Policy Initiatives

IT Policy Initiatives for Betterment of Hong Kong

  • Strengthen the orientation and links of Hong Kong with the international community and raise the position of Hong Kong as the leading innovation and technology economy.
  • Develop creative industries and embrace the knowledge-based economy; revitalize local innovation and technology development.
  • Support SMEs and start-ups; create opportunities for IT people.
  • Improve our digital infrastructure to attract strategic enterprises to invest in Hong Kong and to build Hong Kong as a regional hub for information and communications technology.
  • Keep abreast of developments in the regulatory environment and strengthen its openness and fairness. Protect fair and open competition among communication providers.
  • Maintain autonomy and self-regulation on Internet governance.  Extend the influence and participation of Hong Kong in Internet governance.
  • Enact the Government Archives Law and the Open Information Law, open data access and increase government transparency and accountability.
  • Enhance personal data privacy protection and the regulation of monitoring, and to legislate mandatory notification to victims of data breaches.
  • Safeguard Internet freedom and security.
  • Commit to bridging the digital divide to ensure that everyone can use the Internet for learning, regardless of disability, language, economic, location and other barriers.
  • The work towards a truly Smart City – embrace technology to bring a better quality of life and to contribute to sustainable development, with an emphasis on an open and bottom up approach, to empower citizens and to open up government decision process.