Stance for
CE Election

In the CE Election, Elected Members of IT Vision commit the following:

Nomination of Chief Executive Candidates

  • We will only nominate a candidate who is trustworthy and who shares our vision, and whose entry will give us a genuine choice.

Negotiation with Chief Executive Candidates

  • We will insist that all Chief Executive candidates state their platform and a road-map for democratic development, and who will campaign for democratization and also safeguard the core values of Hong Kong

Criteria of Voting in the CE Election

  • We object to the reelection of CY Leung.
  • We would not vote for any candidate who we regard not trustworthy.
  • We expect the candidate to promise:
    • To re-initiate the constitutional reform process which should realise genuine universal suffrage in both Chief Executive and Legislative Council elections, and for the abolition of functional constituency and to remove all forms of pre-screening.
    • to safeguard the high degree of autonomy of HKSAR and Hong Kong’s core values;  including rule of law, integrity, freedom and human rights and professional autonomy, etc.
    • to promise not to enact Article 23 before genuine universal suffrage is realised.
    • to combat collusion, transfer of benefits and backroom deals.